About us

welcome to The Galaxy Music online

The Galaxy Music established in 2003 and soon became the most recognizable store in entire north-east india and still expanding. The company offers the best price and selection of top major brands of musical item across globe.

The Galaxy Music brand store founder Mr. Sampad Sarkar always supported musicians and aranged musical venue across every where.


The year 2016 marked new milestone after opening the online retail service across india { thegalaxymusic.com }. 

We The Galaxy Music deals in Brands like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Musicman,Tama, Pearl, MXR, Boss, Taylor, Yamaha, Roland, Cort, Korg, Casio, Alhambra, Vox, Marshall ,Blackstar,Hartke, Ampeg, Dean Markley, D'addario,Ernie ball and etc. we also have indian instuments such as tabla, sarangi,harmonium,sitar,dotara,santoor,dholak and many mores.

We have all kind of instruments for different type of genre - blues, classic rock, metal,funk, jazz,bossa,folk and upcoming new genres.