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Brand : KRK

Type : Monitor Speaker 

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KRK 12sHO Subwoofer.

The KRK12sHO powered subwoofer is the perfect high-output choice for professional studios, where ultra-accurate bass extension and maximum sound levels are required. Powered by a massive 400-watt amplifier and a strengthened version of KRK’s signature Kevlar woofer, the KRK12sHO is the no-compromise way to hear what is happening in the depths of your mix. Subwoofers allow you to use smaller main monitors, make it possible to monitor the essential low frequency range and can be a great solution for space-challenged control rooms or mixing environments.

While subsonic frequencies are heavily implemented in some musical genres, all studios benefit from the use of a sub to monitor this low frequency content. With the prevalent use of home theater systems, as well as commercial systems in clubs and cinemas - production studios require the capability to identify and correct problems such as unwanted low frequency components, exterior noise, microphone rumble and vibrations. The increase of home and project mastering means many potentially great pieces of music are being poorly represented when played back on a larger system. When dealing with subsonic frequencies if they cannot be heard accurately they cannot be mixed accurately.

Having an incredibly capable subwoofer is critical when it is combined with powerful near-field monitors, such as the Exposé or a VXT8 driven to high sound pressure levels. In a stereo configuration the subwoofer will have to produce the bass that would normally be generated by the monitors -- that alone can exceed the headroom of an ordinary sub. In a surround sound configuration the subwoofer has to reproduce all of the low-frequency information from five or more channels as well as the demanding bass content of the LFE channel. These challenging applications can place demands far exceeding the capabilities of normal low frequency drivers and power amplifiers. This is where the performance of the KRK12sHO shines.


Curved Baffle Curved front plate design virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
Front-firing Port provides low frequency extension while reducing boundary coupling
Unique shape is optimized to avoid port turbulence
Bypass Footswitch Control uses standard latching ¼” mono footswitch
High Excursion woven Kevlar 12" driver cone
Thermal and Overload / Clip Protection
Input Sensitivity on rear of unit allows a high-resolution gain range
Included accessories:
Bypass footswitch with remote indication of bypass (clip and limit TBD)
5m footswitch cable
Rubber feet and spikes
Drivers: 12" excursion woven Kevlar cone woofer, 3" voice coil
Frequency Response: 29Hz - 60Hz to 160Hz Variable LP / 80Hz Fixed HP
Max Power: 400W RMS - 116dB
Low Pass Filter: 60Hz - 160Hz Variable
High Pass Filter: 80Hz Fixed
Maximum SPL @ 1m: 113dB Music and 116dB Peak
Combi-Jack Inputs: (L/R/LFE)
LFE Input Gain: Fixed +10 dBu
XLR Outputs: (L/R)
Power In: IEC Mains Connector
Input Sensitivity: MUTE / +6 / -8dBu
LED Power Indicator: (Logo - Yellow Triangle)
Line Out Bypass: Switched 1/4" Input
Variable Low-Pass Adjust: 60Hz-160Hz
Phase Reverse switch: 0/180 degrees
Phase Adjust: Variable
Ground Lift switch: Lift / Ground
Limiter: On/Off
Dimensions (H x W x D): 20" x 20" x 22.48" (508mm x 508mm x 571mm)
Weight: 109.7 lb. (49.7 kg).


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Brand : KRK

Type : Monitor Speaker 

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